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Dear Colin Powell, May 13, 2009

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At a recent event in Washington, you said, “Americans do want to pay taxes for services” and “Americans are looking for more government in their life, not less.”  Although I respect you tremendously Mr. Powell; you’re flat out wrong.  (Why did President Obama run on a platform of cutting taxes for 95% of Americans if we liked having our money forcibly taken from us?) Mr. Powell, I realize you made these remarks in reference to the awful position the Republicans find themselves in at the moment.  I gather your solution for the Republicans to get out of the wilderness is for us to be more Liberal.

Can I ask you sir, what is the point of having a two party system if both parties basically believe in the same philosophy? Do you think that this situation would be good for America?  Would there be healthy debate and a checks on state power if everyone held the same basic beliefs?  I’m all for the Republicans being more inclusive and ending the shrillness, but to change the core tenet of the party, limited-government, would not be beneficial to anyone, least of all Republicans.  Your solution would be to have two big government parties.  No yin and yang, but yin and  yin!  In Star Wars terms, there would be no balance to the force (wow, that was geeky).  You’re basically suggesting we have a one party system, because that’s worked so well for the Cubans and North Koreans.  With all due respect Sir, I’m hoping the Republicans pass on taking your advice, in fact I’m hoping they do the complete opposite!


The Stellar Anomaly


Arlen Specter April 28, 2009

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specterBuh bye! Good riddence to bad rubbish.  No, I’m being to hard.  But let’s be honest, he didn’t leave because had some philosophical disagreement with the GOP.  He left to save his own backside, because by his own admission, he was not in a position to win a Republican primary in 2010.

Poor Republicans can’t catch a break.  Wilderness = Home of GOP for a very long time.  Get ready for a filibuster proof Democratic Party with basically no checks and balances to their power.  I’ve always wondered what living under a one party system would be like, well I guess I’ll find out soon enough!

Video: “Unworthy of Our New President’s Signature” January 31, 2009

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Watch out for Paul Ryan; this guy is going places.  I really hope he’s an even bigger political player by 2010 than he is today.  His Road Map for America\’s Future has a lot of common sense free market plans to help get America back on the right track.  He’s one of the few Republicans I’ve seen formulating and articulating fresh ideas; something that the party desperately needs.  (more…)

The Republican “Obama” ? December 18, 2008

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…Slow news day. The holidays have been taking up most of my time, so I apologize for simply re-posting another site’s article.  But it’s a good article nonetheless.  According to Andrew Romano of Newsweek, Bobby Jindal is the Republican Obama. (more…)

Arrivederci Signore Jefferson December 7, 2008

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jeffersonAccording to the NY Times, scandal plagued Congressman, William J. Jefferson, has been defeated in his bid for re-election.  Even more surprising, he was dethroned by Republican Anh “Joseph” Cao, in a heavily Democratic district.  Cao is a laywer with scant political experience and will be the first Vietnamese-American elected to Congress.  Apparently, it’s a good time to run for office if you’re a politically inexperienced lawyer! (more…)

The Future of the GOP? November 11, 2008

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10 Great Republican and Democratic Communities October 30, 2008

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If you’re looking for a friendlier town with neighbors you’ll definitely get along with, then check out these communities. Cincinnati anyone?  The way the election seems to be going, I’m personally headed off to Paris. If I’m going to live in a socialist country, I might as well try France; it’s prettier than the United States.

Doomacrats vs Republigrins October 24, 2008

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Lets face it folks; it’s a pretty depressing time to be a conservative/republican/right-winger.  It’s pretty obvious that John McCain is going to lose and Barack Obama and the Democrats will have almost complete control over the Executive and Legislative branches.  Socialism will be established throughout the land and capitalism and prosperity will disappear. In four years we won’t be known as the United States of America, but the Democratic People’s Republic of America.

But there is a ray of hope.  According to this wonderful article published today in the Washington Post, conservatives have much to celebrate.  This may not be a shock to many of us, but conservatives are generally happier than our liberal counterparts: (more…)