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Video: “Unworthy of Our New President’s Signature” January 31, 2009

Posted by thestellaranomaly in Economic Stimulus, Paul Ryan, Republican, Videos.

Watch out for Paul Ryan; this guy is going places.  I really hope he’s an even bigger political player by 2010 than he is today.  His Road Map for America\’s Future has a lot of common sense free market plans to help get America back on the right track.  He’s one of the few Republicans I’ve seen formulating and articulating fresh ideas; something that the party desperately needs. 

Here he is explaining why the “Stimulus” bill is one big, ineffective, and potentially harmful “pork” sandwich.  It won’t do anything to help the economy.  Haven’t we tried this time and time again? Did the New Deal get us out the Great Depression?   Why on Earth politicians still think that massive government spending and intervention will work despite the fact that it never has, is beyond me.

Keep it up Rep. Ryan!  However, you are wrong on one issue; this bill is worthy of our new president’s signature.  It perfectly fits his  (idiotic) big government = more prosperity philosophy.  Let him and his fellow democrats take 100% credit for this atrocity, even though I’m sure it won’t stop them from blaming Republicans somehow when it fails miserably to do anything positive for the U.S.



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