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Breaking: Terror Attack Leaves Scores Dead in India November 26, 2008

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This just in from IBN, CNNs sister company in India. Armed militants attacked several hotels frequented by westerners and killed several people, including India’s Anti-Terror Chief.  The attackers were apparently looking for people with British and American passports.  Developing…


World Will Be a Little Less Interesting for a While November 25, 2008

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ann-coulter-2According to Page Six, the Queen of Right Wing Invective has been silenced! Not by a liberal, but by an injury.  She apparently broke her jaw and had it wired shut! Get well soon Ann, Fox News will be far less interesting without you!

The Future of the GOP? November 11, 2008

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Happy Veteran’s Day!!! November 11, 2008

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veterans-dayTo all those who have served and to all those who do serve; THANK YOU!!! The reason I can sleep easy at night, the reason I know I’m safe to speak my mind, and the reason why I know freedom is still alive and well: YOU!!!  If I could have  1/10th of the courage of just one those who’ve served, I could honesty call myself a brave man.  Thank you for protecting wimps like me.

Palin is the New Star of the Republican Party… November 9, 2008

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not Sarah, but Piper!!! Listen to this and tell me you don’t think she’s the most precious thing ever…

I’m still going to be a hater, but Congrats President-Elect Obama. November 5, 2008

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evil-socialistCongratulations “President-Elect” Obama! As an American, I will support you; I truly hope you do well!

I’m still sad though.  I really want to drink, pass out, and hopefully wake up in 2012!  Take this as a lesson learned Republicans, you have to go back to your roots as the reform party of limited government to contrast  yourselves with the Democrats. You guys have some serious work to do!  No more big government, high spending, and earmark defense…please, I beg  you…