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The Future of the GOP? November 11, 2008

Posted by thestellaranomaly in Jindal, Republican, Videos.

Listen to Laura Ingraham and Governor Bobby Jindal talk about what went wrong with the Republican Presidential campaign, the current administration, the party as a whole, and the future of the GOP.

There’s a debate going on right now between traditionalist who believe the GOP should go back to its roots and those who believe we need new ideas and leaders to push the party into the future.  My take; why not both?  We need to go back to our roots as the party of limited government, lower taxes, and lower spending, but we also need strong and articulate leaders to communicate why tried and true conservative values are better for America.  I love and respect John McCain tremendously, but he just wasn’t the right messenger nor did he represent the right message.  How could we criticize Obama for being a socialist when Senator McCain wanted to spend $300 billion to buy bad mortgages? How could we criticize Obama when the current administration came up with the $700 billion bailout and is buying up major stakes in some of America’s biggest companies? We need to stick to our principles! I can’t make that point enough.

Yet we also need new ideas that incorporate our ideals.  We need new people who can articulate why individuals, private companies, the free-market, and local & state governments can do a better job of promoting prosperity than a big/centralized government that infringes upon individual liberty.  We have to be the party that offers ideas and not just the party that criticizes the other party’s positions.

There are some rays of hope.  Watch out for Governor Jindal, Rep. Paul Ryan, Rep. Eric Cantor and of course, the lovely Sarah Palin.  There is a future for us; we just have to work extremely hard to reach it!



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