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Sarah Palin Legal Defense Fund April 28, 2009

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Sarah Palin\’s legal defense fund is up and running.  Please support if you can.  I find it horrendous that she’s been hit with so many frivolous and inane ethics violations, most of which have been dropped.  The legal fund as been charged with being an ethics violation itself.

This whole debacle is so infuriating because the sheer maliciousness .  People are literally and intentionally trying to bankrupt her, basically destroying her life, because they’re scared sh*tless.  Everyone knows politics can be a nasty business, but this is ridiculous.


Palin is the New Star of the Republican Party… November 9, 2008

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not Sarah, but Piper!!! Listen to this and tell me you don’t think she’s the most precious thing ever…

Palin vs Biden: Role of the VP October 30, 2008

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While Biden may appear to be the winner to the average viewer, Palin was and is without a doubt, RIGHT!

With all of the hysteria over Governor Palin’s wardrobe, her qualifications, her effect on the McCain campaign, and her transformation into a “rogue”, I thought this was a very important topic that’s been lost in all of the cacophony.  While this is a fairly old story by now, it could have served as great ammunition against Palin’s detractors who question her intelligence.  (more…)