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The Republican “Obama” ? December 18, 2008

Posted by thestellaranomaly in Jindal, Republican.


…Slow news day. The holidays have been taking up most of my time, so I apologize for simply re-posting another site’s article.  But it’s a good article nonetheless.  According to Andrew Romano of Newsweek, Bobby Jindal is the Republican Obama. Eh…I guess the comparison is fair, but one little snippet from the article caught my attention:

…graduated from Brown at 21, completed his Rhodes scholarship at 23, ran Louisiana’s Health and Hospitals department at 25, presided over the University of Louisiana system at 28 and served in Washington as an assistant secretary of health and human services and two-term U.S. congressman before becoming the country’s first Indian-American governor at the advanced age of 36.

Does this guy make you feel like an underachiever or what?  Obama may be able to say he was President by the time he was 47, but can he say he did as much as Jindal by the time he was 36?  Uh…huh…didn’t think so.

But anyway, I leave you with my favorite line of the article:

Jindal is hardly ashamed of his heritage; at Brown he once answered a professor’s hypothetical question—”If a high school only took the brightest students, would it be mostly white or mostly black?”—by slipping Ahsanuddin a note that read “all Asian.”




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