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Are Colleges and Universities Bastions of the Left? March 21, 2009

Posted by thestellaranomaly in College.


With Good Reason, a public radio show, discusses the conventional wisdom that today’s colleges and universities are hotbeds of liberal thought.  It features a good debate between two professors from my Alma mater, George Mason University.  Daniel Klein, an economics professor and self-professed “libertarian,” argues for that today’s universities are indeed biased towards the left.  While Bruce Smith, a public policy professor and self-proclaimed “conservative” argues that we need more politics in the classroom, not less.  He even calls a few of his fellow conservatives “whiners.”  Very interesting. 

From personal experience, I’m definitely in agreement with Professor Klein.  The classes in which the political leanings of the professor were hidden were always more enjoyable and were far better places to learn because students had no fear of retribution for disagreeing with the teacher.  By contrast, I found that the classes where the teacher made it clear what his politics were, and most of the time if a professor was open about his political leanings, he leaned heavily leftward, students tended to just repeat what the teacher said to make sure he got a good grade.  That’s not learning, that’s regurgitating.



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