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Weekly Pick Up: The People’s Stimulus: Get Your Money Back February 16, 2009

Posted by thestellaranomaly in Economic Stimulus, Videos, Weekly Pick Up.

I’m joining the bandwagon of libertarian/right-leaning  blogs and posting this wonderful video by the beautiful Michelle Muccio. Want an effective way to get the free-market  message out to more people, use hot chicks as spokespersons! I love how she interviews Obama supporters about the stimulus plan; their answers are rather surprising.  This video adds more credibility to my theory that most people are inherently fiscally conservative / classically liberal, they just don’t know it yet.  Just look how the POTUS campaigned during the election.  He wasn’t going around saying, “I’m going to raise taxes and spend a lot of money.”  He made sure to talk about TAX CUTS for “95%” of the people; which obviously a majority of U.S. citizens agreed with.  And if you haven’t noticed, tax cuts are a major component of free-market capitalism; they give more power to the individual and not the state.  We all know that individuals can spend their money a lot more efficiently, effectively, and productively than any state could.

I love her plan to eliminate the payroll tax for a year.  It would do a lot more good for the U.S. than the so called “Stimulus” package ever could.  People may end up saving the extra money for a rainy day, but ultimately, I’m counting on the American people’s need for goods to over rule the fear of economic hard times.  People will use the money to buy stuff eventually and this would spur the economy and create more jobs. I make less than $30,000 a year and if I could get an extra $2,000 of my hard earned income back, trust me, I would spend it on things that I need now.



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