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Kadima Edges Out a Small Lead Over Likud February 10, 2009

Posted by thestellaranomaly in Israel.

Via CNN, it seems that Tzip Livni’s Kadima Party has edged out a small lead over former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party. 

This doesn’t mean that she’ll be the new Prime Minister.  None of the four parties won enough seats to hold an absolute majority in the Knesset.  What the results of the election mean for Israel is ambiguous.  I personally would be happy if either Livni or Netanyahu become PM.  I thought Livni has shown great strength and leadership during the latest Gaza assault.  Watch her run circles around David Gregory here.

When it comes to Israeli domestic policy is another matter however. Kadima is a centrist party that wants national healthcare and supports progressive tax policies.  While Likud on the other hand, is the free-market party.  So naturally, me being a limited-government / pro-capitalist kind of guy, I’m partial for Netanyahu.  We’ll see what happens.  My prediction, with rising disenfranchisment among Israelis with the Palestinian “peace” process, Netanyahu becomes PM again. 

In other news, who cares about Livni, Netanyahu, or Lieberman, I really hope this  lady,  the “Sarah Palin of Israel,” becomes a MP so we can talk about her more!



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