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Oh 2008, We Hardly Knew Ye! …Update… December 31, 2008

Posted by thestellaranomaly in Holiday.


Oh 2008, how sad it is to say good-bye! For news junkies like me, you provided a never ending amount of political “crack.” However, and I say this not to be rude, I’m sort of glad you’re almost over.  You had your moments: my graduation from college, my birthday, and a welcome introduction to a fabulous person! But overall, you were a really tough year to go through.  From the introduction of our new socialist overlord to the near collapse of our economy, you definitely provided some tough love.  Hopefully your successor will be much kinder.  I consider you to be the darkness before dawn, but don’t consider that to be an insult.   Everyone needs a little darkness once in a while.  Flowers wouldn’t grow if all they got was sunshine and no rain.  So here’s to you 2008 (lift imaginary champagne glass), you were a interesting year to say the least!

…Welcome 2009!!!! Thank frickin gosh you’re here!!!!



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