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Video: Ingraham vs Hitchens October 19, 2008

Posted by thestellaranomaly in Videos.

Click here to watch the video.  It’s like two titans going head to head.  Both make good points, but I’m actually inclined to agree with Hitchens when it comes to Obama.  While I disagree with the Obamessiah on virtually everything, his plans for the war in Afghanistan do sound appealing.  Obama has promised to send more troops, support, and resources to that godforsaken place; something that makes me very happy given the recent increase in violence and brutality.

Yet Ingraham makes one really good point during the exchange; why trust Obama to handle a war?  Despite the fact that he has a foreign policy expert for a running mate, Obama has no military experience whatsoever.  In fact, had he gotten his way, we would have never had the troop surge that has decreased violence significantly since its implementation.  Would his judgment on Afghanistan be any different than on Iraq?  Despite all of McCain’s failings, he actually understands what it’s like to not only fight in a war, but to plan strategy and to command troops in battle.  I trust his expertise on fighting terrorist a lot more than I do Obama’s.

Yet despite that, it seems like Obama is going to be our next president.  I can only hope that Hitchens is right about him and that his judgment and his ability to learn and take direction has gotten sharper over the course of the campaign.  I’m sure the soldiers and civilians in Afghanistan hope so too.



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