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Message to Tina Fey and SNL: Don’t Hate the Player Hate the Game October 5, 2008

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Ok, I’m so livid right now that I’m going to use the blog to bloviate for once, and use emotion instead of reason to comment on a certain topic.  I just saw another Tina Fey spoof of Sarah Palin on SNL.  She portrayed Palin as an idiot, which isn’t surprising since she’s done it twice before.  But really Tina, three times in a row?  The first one was generally funny, but it’s getting a little tiresome now.  Your obvious hate for Sarah is rather pathetic! I’ve never seen SNL go so out of their way to make fun of a candidate.  It’s like a tradition for them now to start off every show with a Palin joke.

I’ve heard from Fey’s own lips that SNL is an equal opportunity show that “goofs” on everybody.  Which is true to an extent because they also made fun of Biden and Gwen Ifill in the same clip.  But anybody with half a brain would realize that the person receiving the brunt of the jokes in this particular clip was Sarah.  The amount of times SNL has spoofed Palin in her short period of national prominence is far more than the amount of times that they’ve spoofed any other politician, I believe.  SNL has had positive portrayals of conservatives before, so why all the special attention for Palin? I believe that they’re scared witless! They can’t stand it that someone who they wholly disagree with is doing so well.  Don’t hate someone because they’re doing far better than you expected them to do.  As the old saying goes, “hate the game not the player.”  The envy and jelousy is just sad. Oh, and Tina, sorry that Palin is now the number one most talked about female in the world right now, and not your hero Hillary.  I know it must be killing you inside.  But keep on trying to embarrass her, it only shows how bitter of a person you really are.

This time, I know there’s going to be a real backlash.  I’m not one to encourage boycotting because I believe it always has the opposite affect of what it’s intended to do.  When people boycott a person, show, or product, it only gives more publicity to whatever is being boycotted.  So while I don’t think conservatives or ordinary Palin lovers should go around telling people to boycott SNL, I’m definitely not going to be watching anymore.  SNL just lost one of its biggest fans.



1. suzizimmerman - October 6, 2008

One, Palin is SO spoofable! Two, it was just as funny the second and third time. And Three, bring it ON!! I’d watch it over and over again!!

Sorry, she did it to herself. If they’d have offered the job to me – and I know about as much about the world as she did at that time – I would have proven myself the better American by saying I wasn’t VP material and that my presence in the white house wouldn’t be in the country’s best interest AT THAT TIME. However, she shows promise. I really like her and think she’s a pretty “darn” good politician. But she’s not ready. Rather than cramming years of debate answers into a five week intensive study course, she needs to live it a while longer. Four or eight years down the road, she might make a good VP. Not now.

2. thestellaranomaly - October 7, 2008

Thanks for reading my blog and commenting. I especially appreciate that you rebutted without any disrespect or personal attacks. I do agree with you on some points. If…ahem…when, the Republicans lose this November, I really hope Palin goes back to Alaska and gains more experience and runs for reelection for Governor in 2010 . I actually hope she runs for the senate or congress (that would pretty much guarantee she would gain much more knowledge about national and foreign policy issues). There wouldn’t be any questioning of her experience if that was the case.

But seriously, the amount of attacks and the extremely personal nature of the attacks that she has received, is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I realize that it’s part of the game and politicians should be used to it if they want to do well, but I don’t recall Barack Obama ever being mocked as intensely as Palin when he first started out. I think that the attacks will do the opposite of their intended purpose. My confidence in her was already diminishing, especially after her horrible interviews with Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric, but all of the hate she has received has only made me sympathize with her more. If Liberals really wanted to tear Palin down, they should followed Joe Biden’s lead during the debate, and let her show how inexperienced she is all on her own. I think that would have been much more effective and a lot classier.

But thanks again for reading, I appreciate your point of view.

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