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What America Really Thinks of Sarah Palin… September 18, 2008

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…is not reflected entirely or accurately by the latest political polls.  According to a CNN article,

Palin appears to be losing some of her initial appeal as Democrats make gains in the polls.

The Alaska governor came out swinging at the Republican National Convention, energizing her party’s base and shifting the momentum to John McCain’s favor.

At rallies in the week following the convention, the McCain-Palin duo saw their best attendance and a newfound zeal, and the Republican ticket took the lead in national polls for the first time.

But polls show that the momentum has shifted once again.

Palin’s favorable rating is at 40 percent, according to a CBS News/New York Times poll. That’s down 4 points from last week. Her unfavorable rating is at 30 percent, rising 8 points in a week.

Yes, it is true that Palinmania seems to have calmed down a bit, but I have reason to believe that it hasn’t tapered off as much as the media and the leftist want us to think. According to a video aired also by CNN, there is a two month waitist for anyone wanting a pair of Sarah Palin glasses. Her now iconic eye glass style is all the rage across America. The Japanese manufacturer of the glasses can’t keep up with the demand. The company has sold more in two weeks than they have in the year before Palin’s announcement as VP.

This revelation is a testament to Palin’s appeal, and one that Obama and the Democrats should be worried about. While it may be a cliche, imitation is the highest form of flattery. The fact that so many people want to look like the Palin demonstrates that she is more popular than the latest polls suggest.

I believe that her slump this week is a result of the current economic crisis taking place on Wall Street (and the SNL skit and her less than stellar performance with Charlie Gibson, but more on that later.) Obama and his campaign have capitalized on the public misconception that conservative or classical liberal policies, and therefore the Republican Party’s policies, are the cause of the economic downturn. While in reality, the redistributive and socialist economic plans that Obama advocates for are the cause.

McCain and Palin need to articulate why their plans would be much better for America, something they haven’t been doing effectively at all. By saying that the foundations of our economy are fundamentally stable, John McCain doesn’t sound appealing to the Average Joe and Jane struggling to pay their mortgage on time. McCain and his campaign just aren’t competing well with Master Orator, who is far better at selling his plans to an economically uninformed public.

I hope the McCain/Palin ticket does something to fix it’s marketing ineptitude. Hopefully I’m right and Palin’s silent appeal, as evidenced by multitudes of people who admire her enough to imitate her look, will override their campaign’s blunders this week. This country couldn’t possibly live through four years of Jimmy Carter’s…oh I’m sorry, Obama’s economic policy idiocy.



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