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Personal Hero of the Month September 10, 2008

Posted by thestellaranomaly in Hero of the Month.

I’m starting a new tradition where I will pick a personal hero who has made an outstanding contribution to the world.  And as you’ve probably already figured out, this month’s hero is the one and only Sarah Palin!!! Whether you love her or hate her, or whether you think McCain is a genius or an idiot for picking her, you have to admit she’s a game changer who just made this election cycle a lot more interesting!

Why did I pick her? (***Warning*** Republican talking points ahead)  She’s strong, intelligent, a reformer, and an inspiration for little girls everywhere (this is where you say awe…).  I’ve been rooting for her to be the Vice Presidential pick for months now, and I was so happy when I woke up at noon on August 29 and turned on Fox News.

Regardless of all of the drama surrounding her pick and her family life, one thing is clear, she is exactly what McCain and the Republican Party need right now.  The current batch of Republicans in power have failed at fulfilling two of the basic tenets of their party: limiting government power and reducing spending.  I think with her history of reform and fiscal conservatism she’s just the person to put the GOP back on the right track.

Lets look at the facts.  She  fired her taxpayer funded personal chef. Put the Governor’s jet on eBay.  She even cut $231 million from Alaska’s budget in 2007. To be fair, she did approve a windfall profits tax on Alaska’s big oil companies, but that’s something I’m willing to overlook so long as she promises to never do that again.

Furthermore, she has the courage to fight corruption wherever she sees it, not just when she sees it in an opposing party.  For example, she was a whistle blower who turned in the corrupt chairman of her own party, and who was subsequently charged a $12,000 fine.  And when I say she’s tough, I mean it.  She took on an incumbent Republican Governor and a former Democratic governor of Alaska and beat both of them to become the youngest and first woman governor in Alaska’s history.  For those of you out there who are skeptical about how well she’d perform as Vice President, all I have to say is this:  underestimate her at your own peril!  The “Last Frontier” State is littered with the corpses of the those who tried to take Sarah Palin on and lost!

There is far more I could write about Governor Palin, but that would take too long.  For now, I’m sure we can all agree that at least for the month of September, she’s made the news much more enjoyable to watch.  If Sarah Palin is the future of the Republican party, I see a bright future ahead.



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